Created Tuesday 29 Oct 2019 Last Updated Saturday 05 Nov 2022 acquires has acquired to augment the combined organisation with multiple channel synergies. is a specialist in anonymised patient data and analysis for clients in the US pharmaceutical industry.

With the focus primarily on longevity and extension of the quality and quantity of life, is a natural fit. Health data mining and personal health information is _crucial_ to the statistical understanding of the role played by patient healthcare in extending useful lifespan.

Head of Content Danny Wells said of the acquisition; was perfectly aligned to integrate with our existing portfolio, and augment the patient research conducted on a variety of healthcare niches. Over the coming months the team will harmonize the statistics and migrate to our existing platform to leverage the benefits to the information strata.

De-identified patient data tied in with prescription bridges perfectly into our existing suite of analytics for a 360 degree analytical approach.

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